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Dr Liebowitz' book

Second edition is now live on both Amazon Kindle and Amazon book in paperbooks.

Second editon adds 9 new essays with more treatment algorithms.

How to understand psychosis-we all can speak schizophrenageeze;                                      
The clinical relevance of differentiating obsessing and dwelling in patients with anxiety and depression                                    Dying in balance and my organ is more important than yours-managing treatments from different specialties                           
Complex or Difficult cases: Assessment strategy                                                                   
Treatment non-compliance or failure to gain acceptance of illness?   

The first shall be last: An alternative approach to the psychiatric intake evaluation             

The role of the not so simple 15 minute "medication check"                                                  
A Multiple Models Assessment and Treatment Strategy for Depression and Anxiety          
Choosing medication cocktails: Top shelf brands “neat” vs. mixed generic “well” drinks

The author, Neil Liebowitz, M.D. is the founder and director of the Connecticut Anxiety and Depression Treatment Center in Farmington, Connecticut. In this collection of essays he tells clinical pearls about the evolution of modern psychiatric treatment. These are personal stories of the author and his patients that illustrate some of the dilemmas and possible solutions for key psychiatric problems. From growing up on suburban Long Island to residency training at Yale, to an academic career at the University of Connecticut, lessons were learned about how best to understand psychiatric problems and a strategy to treat them. Not a psychiatric treatment manual but more than a simple memoir, not a scientific treatise but more than just stories. The book has insights for those who want a self help guide and providers looking for treatment manual of strategies from an experienced clinician. It's stories and ideas are meant to help others to become better patients and clinicians. The author hopes that some of his ideas might be tested in the future with more rigorous investigative techniques to either provide support for or show them to be inaccurate observations. Table of contents: Forward: William Glazer, MD Preface: Extending the boundaries by getting real about stigma and patient advocacy 1. Introduction: The phoenix rises from the academic ashes 2. Ode to Freud and latter day disciples 3. The evolution of my psychiatric faith 4. Battle of the titans and how I survived my psychiatry training in turbulent times 5. Seeing is believing, and why I stopped listening to Prozac 6. Psychiatry in techno colors 7. Bad drugs good medications 8. Marketing of a slightly better medication 9. What is my diagnosis, does it matter and who cares? 10. Confessions of a reformed bipolar over-diagnoser and how to see residual ADHD 11. You can’t teach old dogs or neurons new tricks- when undesirable medication combinations maybe best 12. The RAM Hypothesis and why remembering everything may make you depressed 13. Origins of panic 14. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; assessing risks and benefits 15. I must be the worst patient you’ve ever seen; relativity theory 16. Suicide and the need for hope 17. A danger to others 18. Study conclusions, lies and statistics 19. Afterward-The future 20. Appendix: Depression treatment paradigms

Kindle version of Psychiatry in Techno Colors


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